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We at Usawa believe that Accounting can be made very easy and powerful using the latest technology at a very affordable price. Whether you are a small business, an individual or an Accountant, Usawa is the ideal solution for you. Don’t spend a fortune buying expensive solutions from big industry players. We provide a one-stop solution for you. From accounting to payroll to invoicing. It’s all included. No extra charges for any add-ons. We are a growing and passionate team based in central London and we want to provide affordable yet powerful and intuitive accounting solutions for small businesses and accountants. We connect small businesses with the right numbers anytime, anywhere.

Small businesses are at the heart of the world and they run the economy. We want to equip small businesses with great tools and information to help them grow further and for that, we work closely with our clients to make Usawa a single platform for all businesses.


“We were using Excel spreadsheet before Usawa, spending days to get the simple things done right. Usawa has saved us a lot of time and at the same time given us a real-time view of our finances.”


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