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Track All Business Expenses

Whether it’s a business expense or personal expense you can track all your expenses right from Usawa. Upload the scanned receipt to Usawa, don’t worry anymore of losing them. Once they are in Usawa they are secure. Easily manage payment of all expenses to reflect them in your bank statement.

Snap And Go

Use our mobile app to snap the receipt as soon as you get it and upload them on Usawa so you never miss them. You can also create the expenses at the same time which saves your time and forgetting claiming it later on.

Multi Currency

Multi currency lets you file your bills and expenses even if the expenses have been done in other country. Just select the currency in which you made the expenses and Usawa will handle rest for you.

Employee Expenses

Record all your employee expenses and pay them on time. You can easily reimburse those expenses to your employees. Get the overview of spending by each employee so you know where they are spending more and where you have to put cut.

Features to Save your Time

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